MediaThe 4 Syndicate LLC is always looking to improve and advance current technologies. But sometimes we look at products currently on the market and wonder why customers aren’t getting what they paid for. Sure the software may work, or it may be able to do what you need. But where is the bang for your buck? Why pay overpriced rates for something that does “what you need” when you could pay less for more? This is one of our leading principles. Giving people what they deserve and what they paid for. This thought process is exactly why we created MediaServ for you.

What is MediaServ?

MediaServ is media hosting platform that allows you to publish videos, images, files,¬†etc to your website in a cost effective way. Whether you’re a novice blogger or a fortune 500 company MediaServ can handle all needs. Processing 4K or 1080P is no problem for this system, with unmatched bandwidth in this market. Not to mention the pricing plans we offer are unmatched by our competitors. It’s a truly unique system that allows you to be in control of your online presence, giving you more in your push for search engine optimization.

Why should I choose MediaServ?

MediaServ is the most cost effective, advanced, fastest running media host in the market. But we at The4 believe in the power of presentation. If you want to see just how advanced our platform is just look at one of our biggest customers uses all the tools of MediaServ to not only boost itself, but boost other people’s video¬†optimization. This is just how powerful MediaServ actually is, and is exactly why you need it for your website.

When will MediaServ be available?

MediaServ has been an ongoing project for a few months now. With features being added and bugs being fixed during that course of time. MediaServ is in the final stages as we speak, soon to hit the market and take it by a landslide we’re sure. As far as an exact date, there isn’t one.

How much does MediaServ cost?

MediaServ’s prices are Free, $25 a month, $50 a month, $100 a month, $250 a month, and $400 a month. Each plan offers the same features at varying capacities. For example the free plan allows 5 video uploads, whereas the $50 a month offers 75 video uploads. Mind you there is no video player branding for any plan.

You can learn more about MediaServ at or at