blabawaySince the beginning of social media we have seen an ever changing landscape across the internet. From the emails and instant messaging to now we have grown accustomed to the newest and latest trends out there. We are always searching for something different, or something to fit our needs specifically. Video chats, image sharing, group creating, instant messaging, etc have become a very intricate part of our daily lives for better or worse. Social media is our gateway to let the world see us, and to truly see the world itself. The beautiful thing about it is we get to be part of a large community of people from across the world. Sharing information not otherwise so easily accessible. But with times comes flaws in any great social network. This is why we move on to the new and improved. The updated for today’s needs. We leave networking sites for sites that offer more substance, and get us away from the flaws we find elsewhere. ┬áThis is why companies designed around social media are diving into other industries. They know their days are numbered when a new company comes onto the scene, and they begin to truly lose their luster. This was the way of thinking during the engineering of BlabAway.

BlabAway is a social media site geared towards today’s users. We know you guys like to post your thoughts, share media, and engage with your friends and family in many different ways. The idea of BlabAway is to give our users the experience they want, without all the unnecessary things that ruin great sites (*cough*ads*cough*bots*cough*). At BlabAway we offer you the same instant messaging, media sharing, and video chat features you get with some of today’s sites without bothering you with a fifteen second advertisement in the middle of a ten second video. We give our users power over us, and are always looking for suggestions from our community. BlabAway wants to build with our users, and evolve into the standard they want to see on the market. If the community says they like or dislike a feature we listen to them. Because this is not just a social networking site, this is a real community of people around the world coming together for the best of the best.

BlabAway is set to take the stage at full force, with people around the world signing up daily. You can be apart of developing the landscape by joining our community today right here. It’s free and takes less than 2 minutes to sign up. So, join today and see what everyone is blabbing about. BlabAway: Connect with your world.

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