The Internet is the wild wild West, in the last 20 years has seen more technological advances thanks to the Internet and related technology than any other time in our history

Because everything moves so fast these days it’s kind of like everything is seven times faster than it was even just 20 years ago making for many positive outcomes and providing great quality of service, access to things we never had access to before, connecting the world, sharing, providing education and outreach unlike out of her before

This has not come without a cost because for all the positives there are as many negatives and for those who are conservative, have family values, and don’t want their children exposed to what the webcast offers the family friendly¬†search engine and digital ecosystem has evolved

Most people ask why has it taken so long?

Well be honest answer is there’s a lot less money and clean, wholesome, family-friendly then there is an pills, porn, casinos‚Ķ And the other Darkside of the web.

Many of today’s big brands, celebrities, and online entertainers are tired and don’t want to put their content or brands on a platform that offers non-family friendly stuff but they don’t have any other options until today

A group of entertainers, entrepreneurs, technologists, brands, family-friendly proactivists has come together to create what is now known as cuurio. CUURATED CONTENT, hand picked with conservative family friendly

This is a compilation of websites, technology, advertisers, business, entertainers, video, creator all coming together to form a more positive and impactful digital ecosystem that holds family values at the top.

Advertisers want to be on this platform because they do not want to support the Darkside of the web and are happy to pay a premium to work with consumers that share their same values

Consumers like the platform because it’s a friendlier place to be and it’s a safer place to be for you and your family even though it is not perfect at least you have an option and as time grows on it will get better and better just like the web has today

Incline media along with INET portal greater the force and the kids have launch several family friendly products as well as connected with many brands and celebrities to help kickstart the family friendly movement

Today there are almost 100,000 hand-picked pages of content that meet the family from the standards and it is growing at an enormous rate.

What does the family friendly ecosystem have to offer?

Social media


Visually stimulating graphics

Payment processing

Payment sharing

Search and more

Everything you do today has a family friendly alternative and our network is growing at lightning speed because millions want a more family-friendly Internet

The Giants make over $4 million an hour just from their search engine’s so it’s going to be tough to compete but the demand is so high that we believe a quality, premium, high integrity option is the next logical choice for you and your family as well as ours

Join us today to help provide a brighter, more family-friendly Internet for tomorrow