There are a ton of reasons an online site can get its payment processing turned off.


Top Reasons to get your account turned off

  • High Amounts of chargebacks
  • Selling products that do not meet processors qualifications
  • Fraud
  • Mis-Management

Mis-Management is on of the top reasons you do not respond quickly to problems and get a bad reputation.


Processing accounts are like credit scores

You want to keep in good standing just like credit…the lower your credit and if you have bad credit the more it will cost you.

So if you have a good reputation and a good standing you will probably see processing rates from 3.9% to 5.9% plus a small transaction fee

If you have a poor reputation you might see a reputation score and rates to match like 6.9% to 18.9% depending on what type of risk you pose.

Much like credit, it could take years to get in the PRIME processing category if you ever do.

What plays into a processor score: