Search engines and directories have been around since the beginning of the Internet, and consumers have been using them religiously since day one. They are a part of our society, a piece of fabric woven within the digital universe that will likely never go away, and will continue to change and evolve through the years.

Good News for Online Marketers

The good news for online marketers is that there’s a new opportunity because of the way consumers have learned how to use these online tools and utilities to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Leveraging Organic Search

Approximately 500 million search of the day have never been searched before, because consumers are getting smarter about how to use these utilities and search for more specific and exacting search phrases. That has put many of the search engines in a quandary, trying to figure out how to monetize – and they’re doing a pretty poor job of it!

Help the Search Engines Find You

If you can help the search engines answer these types of questions, the likelihood of you ranking well and getting a piece of the 500 million search is a day action is very high!
If it’s your company or your business, you are better equipped to answer these types of queries than anybody else; so if you can position yourself as the authority in the space, you have an unprecedented opportunity to grow and build your business online.
Ten years ago, people would type in “health insurance,” and it was easy for the search engines to identify appropriate answers, and then put expensive pay-per-click ads on top of it to generate revenue for themselves.
Now people type in specific long till search queries like:
“Where to buy maternity insurance for a single mother in the Dallas Texas Fort Worth area who is on Medicare or Medicaid”
If you’re a health insurance agent, you’ve probably had this type of question posed many times, but you might have never thought to turn it into a question-and-answer series online to tap into those searchers that are looking for that type of answer.

Take Your Digital Marketing to a New Level

So – take your marketing to the 2020 level and start answering questions that no one else is answering; and position yourself as the authority in your space to take advantage of the 500 million searches a day that have never been searched before!
Leverage new technology like Incline and create a question-and-answer marketing platform to accelerate your success!