Paypal has changed their terms of services recently and has put many legit businesses in a pickle leaving them with no way to transact business online.

The goal was to eliminate all illegal activity and many things got caught in the shake-up.

Supplement Businesses are among the largest in this policy change since they are not regulated it is hard to say what is legal and what is not, so erroring on the side of safety they have for the most part got rid of all the supplement businesses. We know there are many real businesses providing a quality service but now are finding themselves looking for help.

What do you do if you get kicked off of paypal

What you need to do is find a vendor that offers  High Rick merchant accounts to help you get back to making money.

There are several companies that are willing to look at your overall businesses and support you if you meet their qualifications. You will pay more but it is better than not having the ability to sell online and take credit cards.


Top High-Risk Payment Processing Companies

These companies will typically charge:

  1. SET UP FEE from $10,000 to $50,000 depending on how custom you need your application and processing. This will be based on shopping cart customization and several other things, but the USER EXPERIENCE is very important and many people say it will make or break your e-commerce platform potential if not done well.
  2. Percentage of Sales: Most high-risk processors charge between 10% and 20% depending on the product and underwritten risk

Choosing a high-risk merchant account

  • How long do they hold funds? 30,60,90 days…
  • What is their chargeback fee? $100.00 or $125.00
  • What is their payout process? (Rolling or ACH on demand)
  • What do they use for processing? (API or shopping cart plugin)
  • Do they process in the US or out?
  • Set-up fees?
  • Do they keep a reserve for chargebacks (10% is typical)


Online sales will represent trillions of dollars in the future, and there will be several layers of players similar to credit scores.

Brand Banks: You will have the mainstream offers that are easy and simple to get as long as you fit in their box.

Mortgage Companies: You will have the Sub-Par marker that is a higher risk with a lower credit score and will pay a higher interest rate.

Hard Money Lenders: These are the companies that lend in a specific niche or verticle because they know and understand this market and are willing to take/manage the overall risk. There is typically an upfront fee (POINTS) and they the monthly fee.

Asset or Equity lenders: These are the groups that take the business, fees and processing fees but they also take an equity interest in the assets and of the company to ensure their risk is protected.


What will happen is prices will go up to offset the cost risk to operate and the consumer will pay for it in the end.

If you are looking for a high-risk credit card processing company you have a few options. Because we are the go-to guys for all thins online and have several successful online businesses ourselves we can help you find a perfect solution. In some cases we can help you reduce your overall costs, because we can add you to a client or deal that is based on volume and it will help us all, so give us a call 972-800-6670 for details.