that’s right free PAY PER CLICK!

Convert wasted clicks to qualified customers

You wonder how Pay Per Click can be free?

Recent studies show that Millions of businesses Rank well In the search engines for Global and generic keywords that they cannot convert because they are at local businesses.

A recent study Of a local repair site That gets hundreds of visits on month Shows that out of those hundreds of visits less than 25% of the clicks are actually ones that can convert because Of service area coming from New York, California, Florida all the areas of large population who have the same problems and are looking for service but he was Local and cannot provide service that far away.

This is problematic to site owners if Someone visits your site and you’re fortunate enough to rank high in the search engines but the clicking customers leave your site quickly because you cannot provide a service that they require that increases your abandonment rate, which will hurt your overall rankings. This is why incline has createdThe incline exchange that offers a paper click exchange network for niche Businesses Around the globe.

Pay Per Click Exchange Networks

A paper click exchange network Provides a simple scriptThat you install on your website on the contact us now page or on the homepage where consumers go to And if they are in your area The exchange platform shows your information so that consumer can connect with you.If the consumer is on your siteFrom a service location outside of your areaThenAnd exchange partners information will be displayed to provide the consumer with the best possible results.You will get credit for The click or activity, and use that toward clicks on other exchange sites That may have the same thing happening…. It’s A WIN-WIN!


Private Pay Per Click Exchange

If you have several niche sites or are a franchisor or A large selling organization where multiple members that have Offices but websites that drive traffic from all over the country then the private pay per click exchange network is perfect for you. Each participating member Installs the private code And depending on where the customer is viewing sites from will show the franchise or Service provider that’s local to that area.


Top 10 reasons to create a private click exchange

  • Decrease abandonment rate which will increase your search engine rankings
  • Increase the quality of consumers that are engaging with your site
  • Drive more clicks for less marketing dollars
  • Increase opportunities forPremium or exact match traffic that will convert at a higher ROI
  • Leverage others hard work in the same space To help drive your business
  • Provide better customer service and customer experience from your site
  • Offer a unique way defined new customers that you may not found on your own
  • The attic connectivity may increase your organic search engine rankings and help drive more organic business
  • Help your overallSearch engine budget
  • Turn wasted clicks Into convertible clicks


How to create a private click exchange network?

The easiest way Is to contact the incline exchange by phone at 1-774-incline, There you will find an exchangeNetwork professional happy to help you with yourYou’re together needs..