Question and Answer Advertising (Authority Marketing)

Over 500 million searches a day have never happened in the life of the search engine’s because consumers are using the search engine’s as a tool completely different today than they did years ago and this has given way to an entirely new way to grow your business. Authority Marketing or Question and Answer Advertising is resulting in often times 100X ROI for those who are taking advantage of the power!

Question and answer advertising is the most effective way to reach new consumers in position yourself as the authority in your space

If a consumer does aquarium regarding a question they have and your result of the answer you automatically gain authority in their eyes and the likelihood of them becoming a customer is significantly higher because you are the authority

Incline has developed a question and answer platform for small to medium businesses who have the answer that consumers are looking for and I’ve developed a way to deliver your answer to the top of the search engine’s giving you instant credibility and helping you build your online authority

The system is fairly simple you just submit your question along with the answer an incline does the rest

Give us a call today to find out how you can become an authority in your space leveraging the in the inCline platform.

Videos are a great way to answer questions and build authority

If you have a video answer to the question that you are proposing the incline platform can also take your video and resulted as the answer so consumers can engage both with your text answer or your video answer writing another layer of authority an opportunity for your business

Do I need a website

No, the incline platform leverages state-of-the-art technology to help you meet your needs and you do not need the website. In fact, some of our customers have thousands of engagements and I’ve never even on the website, they’ve built their entire authority based off of the incline platform

How many questions and answers should I submit

That depends on your niche and market… But the more real questions that consumers ask that you can answer the more authoritative you will look. A study shows that consumers do multiple queries prior to purchasing, so if you show up as the authority in multiple search queries you have multiplied your authority.

How do I come up with the questions?

This is an easy one, any question that the consumer has asked you or multiple consumers have asked you about your product or service or business is exactly the same question that millions of other people may ask in the future… You know your business the best and your consumers the best but if you’ve answered the same question more than once there’s a high probability that there are people out there asking the same question.

Top Authority Marketing Platforms

Incline Media

Incline Friends (Inludes Reviews)

Mowin (For plumbers)


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