Author: Keaton Johnson

What is MediaServ?

The 4 Syndicate LLC is always looking to improve and advance current technologies. But sometimes we look at products currently on the market and wonder why customers aren’t getting what they paid for. Sure the software may work, or it may be able to do what you need. But where is the bang for your buck? Why pay overpriced rates for something that does “what you need” when you could pay less for more? This is one of our leading principles. Giving people what they deserve and what they paid for. This thought process is exactly why we created MediaServ for you. What is MediaServ? MediaServ is media hosting platform that allows you to publish videos, images, files, etc to your website in a cost effective way. Whether you’re a novice blogger or a fortune 500 company MediaServ can handle all needs. Processing 4K or 1080P is no problem for this system, with unmatched bandwidth in this market. Not to mention the pricing plans we offer are unmatched by our competitors. It’s a truly unique system that allows you to be in control of your online presence, giving you more in your push for search engine optimization. Why should I choose MediaServ? MediaServ is the most cost effective, advanced, fastest running media host in the market. But we at The4 believe in the power of presentation. If you want to...

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iNetPortal has arrived

INETPORTAL 3.0 What if I told you that the dream system of the future is on its way now? A system the allows you to auto-scale web servers, runs beautifully with all platforms, has it’s own development box, and is completely run on the cloud. A system so intelligent, and almost entirely automated. Before we continue let me introduce myself. I am Keaton Johnson of The 4 Syndicate LLC in Dallas TX. We are a software engineering company that builds some of the most powerful web applications on the market. This system I’ve been talking about is one of our proudest engineering feats, one that took years to develop. A name you should remember for the future, iNetPortal. iNetPortal is a system comprised of many components such as load balancers, distributed filesystems, web servers, caching servers, and processing servers. This platform is built completely within the cloud meaning there is no physical hardware involved, and it’s easy to scale vertically and horizontally. iNetPortal is very dynamic and is lightweight meaning it’s optimized for speed and efficiency. One of the great things about iNetPortal is the ability to scale servers by the thousands up or down so you only speed what you need based on your web traffic. Not to mention we’ve added a developer box to allow our clients to utilize the system without running the risk of disrupting...

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